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The following pages contain a selection of shorts stories, fun facts and jokes about the animal characters featured here on Animatastic. We do hope that you enjoy reading about the animals! If you have any suggestions for animals that you would like to see included here, please use the contact form on the home page.

Perkin the Panda Bear


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Meet Perkin the perky but petulent panda bear! So cute he'll make anyone smile.

One boring afternoon Perkin was sitting in his favorite spot lazily munching on a juicy bamboo shoot. Suddenly something very bright and colorful flashed quickly infront of his eyes. It was gone again so quickly that he hadn't been able to see what it was but he liked the pretty colors and looked around to try to find it again. He looked behind the bamboo tree he had been sitting under. He look behind the big rock he had been leaning against. He looked along the banks of the stream that ran close by, but he could not find the pretty, colorful thing that had caught his eye.

"Hmph! Nothing fun ever happens here" he said out loud before plopping back down and picking up his bamboo shoot once more.

Just then Perkin saw another flash of the color pass by and go right behind his head. He turned around to look and as he did, a bright and pretty butterfly landed right on top of his nose, tickling him and making him giggle.

"Hi, I'm Bella. Would you like to play?" the butterfly said.

"Oh yes!" Perkin replied, "I'd love to have someone to play with."

"Let's play tag" said Bella, flying off of Perkin's nose "You're 'it'."


Kiki Koala Bear


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Did you know that Koala bears aren't actually bears? They are actually from a group of animals called marsupials. All female marsupials have a pouch on their tummy where they carry their babies. The group also contains, kangaroos, possums and sugar gliders.

Baby koalas are less than one inch long when born.

Koalas can swim. They do a kind of 'doggy paddle'.

Koalas have fingerprints very much like you and I do.

Koalas don't drink. They get the water their bodies need from the eucalyptus leaves that they eat.


Dinky & Tarbuck

Dinky & Tarbuck

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Say hello to Dinky the dippy donkey. He's silly and sweet and always ready to have fun. Also meet his good friend Tarbuck the Turtle.

One day, Dinky was out walking by the seaside with Tarbuck the Turtle. They loved to have adventures together. Suddenly there was a flash of light and they found themselves in the middle of a circus ring. Tarbuck was sitting on Dinky's back.

"How did we get here?" asked Dinky as they looked around in surprise.

The circus crowd all looked on, waiting for something to happen.

Tarbuck said "We had better do something Dinky."

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Dinky, "Stand up on your back legs and I will trot around the ring."

And so Tarbuck stood on Dinky's back, balancing as Dinky trotted around and around the ring. Tarbuck stood first on one leg, and then the other, and then he did a handstand.

The crowd cheered the pair of friends, then as the two took a bow, there was another bright flash of light and as suddenly as they had arrived, they were back at the seaside.

"What a strange thing to happen!" exclaimed Tarbuck.

"Yes, but it was an awfully fun adventure!" replied Dinky.


Pipa the Poodle


image copyright Animatastic 2010, all rights reserved

Meet Pipa, a very, very pampered poodle.

One day Pipa was lying lazily in her velvet doggy bed, wondering what she would do today. It was raining today and she thought that she could go outside and splash in the mud. That way her owner, Molly, would be sure to give her a nice bath with lots of bubbles to make her all clean again. Or, she thought, she could go and sit beside Molly, look up at her with big puppy dog eyes and then Molly would pick Pipa up beside her, give her lots of cuddles and tickle her tummy.

"That's what I'll do." thought Pipa.

She got up from her soft, comfy bed and went to find Molly. She looked in the lounge and then in the den. Pipa looked in Molly's bedroom and then in the kitchen too. Pipa couldn't find Molly anywhere.

"Oh my! Where could Molly be?" Pipa wondered.

She looked all around the house again and then finally, feeling rather sad, went back to lie in her bed. After a little while and a short nap, Pipa got up and looked all around the house again but she still couldn't find Molly.

"Oh dear, maybe Molly has gone for good!" thought Pipa with some alarm and fear. "Whatever shall I do?"

Just then, the front door opened and Molly came in, dripping wet from the rain outside.

"Pippa, Pippa, come here girl, I have something for you" called Molly.

Pippa was very excited that Molly had come home and ran as fast as she could to greet her. She jumped up on her back legs and gave a little bark "Hello", and another little bark "I'm so glad you are back!".

"You are awfully excited today Pipa" said Molly, laughing. "Come into the den silly girl, I have something to show you."

They both went into the den and Molly reached into the large shopping bag she brought home. Pipa looked on eagerly as Molly pulled out the most sparkly, beautiful new dog collar. Red and glittery with a lovely gold bell that tinkled. Molly put the collar on Pipa's neck and stood back to admire her. Pipa held her head up high and pranced around the room, showing off.

"You are such a pretty poodle Pipa, and very pampered indeed!" Molly laughed before giving Pipa a huge hug.


Petula Pig


image copyright Animatastic 2010, all rights reserved

Pigs are very clean animals, they do not sweat. When they roll around in the mud, that is how they keep cool.

All pigs have 'pink' skin but they can have different colored hair, making different pigs look like they are different colors.

Miniature pigs are often kept as pets. Pigs can be trained more easily than dogs because they are more intelligent!

The University of Arkansas (USA) uses the razorback pig, or hog, for the name and mascot of it's various sports teams.

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All stories copyright Animatastic (Carolyn Muir) 2010.